Jollibee Menu: Jollibee Singapore Menu Updated 2023

Hey Jollibee fans! There’s some exciting news coming your way. The beloved fast-food chain, Jollibee, has just unveiled an update to their menu in Singapore. As always, they continue to surprise and delight us with their innovative and mouthwatering offerings. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new on the menu!

Source: Jolibee
  1. Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy: Bringing a local twist to Jollibee’s signature fried chicken, the Nasi Lemak Chickenjoy combines the best of Singaporean and Filipino flavors. Served with fragrant coconut rice, a spicy sambal sauce, crispy anchovies, and roasted peanuts, this dish is perfect for those who crave a taste of home.
  2. Mango Sago Pie: A delightful dessert inspired by a popular Southeast Asian dessert, the Mango Sago Pie features a crispy, golden crust filled with sweet, juicy mango chunks and sago pearls, blended in a luscious, creamy sauce. It’s the perfect way to end your Jollibee meal on a sweet note.
  3. Laksa Spaghetti: Another fusion of Filipino and Singaporean tastes, the Laksa Spaghetti puts a new spin on Jollibee’s classic spaghetti. Featuring a rich, spicy, coconut-based sauce with a hint of laksa leaves, this dish is topped with prawns, fish cake slices, and a boiled egg for an unforgettable dining experience.
  4. Yumburger with Salted Egg Sauce: The iconic Yumburger just got better! Now served with a delicious salted egg sauce, this new burger variation will tantalize your taste buds with its unique combination of flavors. The creamy, slightly salty sauce complements the juicy beef patty and fresh
Menu CategoryItemPrice
Bundles of JoyMore for 4 (Jolly Spaghetti)S$48.50
– 8pc Chickenjoy, 2 Jolly Spaghetti, 2 Cheesy Yumburger, 2 Sides, 4 Gravy
Value for 2 (Jolly Spaghetti)S$26.30
– 2 sets of 2pc Chickenjoy, 2 Jolly Spaghetti, 2 Sides, 2 Drinks, 2 Gravy
ChickenJoy6pc Chickenjoy BucketS$20.75
8pc Chickenjoy BucketS$25.25
2 pcs Chickenjoy with Burger Steak and RiceS$11.00
2 pcs Chickenjoy & Burger Steak with Rice Value MealS$12.00
3 pcs Chickenjoy with SideS$10.30
2 pcs Chickenjoy with SideS$7.70
1 pc Chickenjoy with SideS$4.45
3 pcs Chickenjoy MealS$11.30
2 pcs Chickenjoy MealS$8.70
1 pc Chickenjoy MealS$5.45